In this time of confinement, we cannot go far from our house, however, one thing is allowed, it is to look very far, looking at millions or billions of Kilometers. So free your mind by looking at the sky. On March 20th, 2020, around 8 p.m., I had a thought for the caregivers who protect us from this damn virus. and I made this photo. you too can see the same from your garden or from your window facing south-west provided, of course, if the weather is not cloudy.

So here is the evening sky looking southwest with from left to right, the star Sirius (the brightest in the sky), the constellation of Orion above the cypresses, Taurus with the small cluster of Pleiades and finally right the planet Venus which is currently lighting up the evening sky.

Technical data: Tripod shooting, 15 mm focal length, T: 25 seconds, A: f / 3.5, ISO: 200

So take care of yourself and others while staying at home, but travel light years with your eyes.