Workshops images

During courses, you will discover many techniques and tips to make photographs that allow you to keep your personality and release your creativity.
You will also discover retouching techniques and photomontages easy to achieve.


Towns and villages in the country of Arles offer a unique architectural and historical heritage. From the celtic hypogeas that is over 4000 years old at the Gehry tower of the 21st century, these are all photographic projects in perspective.

Nature and Landscapes

The landscapes of the Alpilles little white hills or Camargue are made by nature and also by the hand of man. They are home to a flora and fauna that always brings poetry to the images.



This is a difficult exercise in which psychology, intuition and diplomacy are to be controlled before an image. It is also an extraordinary way to live moments of complicity with your models. And, in the case of the street portrait, it allows you to meet strangers and if they accept the portraits, to make them your models for a moment. Sometimes you will be able to create unforgettable images.

Street photo

The street is a theater where could happen extraordinary situations. When the witness is also a photographer, he has the power to immortalize these ephemeral moments to express humor, poetry, tenderness or emotion.

Unusual shots

Watching the world with a watchful eye can capture amazing images. With experience, we realize that the mood of the moment allows us to perceive insignificant situations. Our camera, support of our imagination can then make amazing images.

Advanced techniques to serve your imagination

For experienced photographers we will also be able to discuss advanced photography techniques and photomontages.

Among these techniques, you will discover multiple shots or long time of exposure. And, for those who are not afraid by the mouse, editing software allow unlimited creativity. The only limit will be your imagination.

Creative Images

Beyond the photo courses, you can discover my own creation work. This is a personal process in which I have produced several series of images. They have been the subject of some exhibitions. The main ideas that guide me in these works are time and memory.

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